Next Level Mastermind + CEUs

Live via Zoom | January 8 - February 12 2021

Is this you?

Are you a dietitian who already has a private practice?

Are you tired of the feast or famine nature of private practice?

Are you frustrated with the amount of clients who no-show or late cancel?

Do you feel like you are always seeing clients and have no real time to develop your business?

Are you feeling a little burnt out by the daily grind?

Do wish you could connect with other dietitians like you to brainstorm about business?

What if...

You could spend less time working seeing clients but make more money?

You could virtually eliminate no-shows and late cancels (really!)?

You could assemble a team of top-notch dietitians to expand your practice to serve more clients?

You could eliminate the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on administrative staff?

You could diversify your business to include different revenue streams and become recession-proof?

You could optimize the way you bill health insurance to receive maximum reimbursement?

You could effortlessly put into place technology and systems to drastically increase the efficiency of your business that will delight and help to retain your clients?

You didn’t have to rely on physician referrals, but had a steady stream of clients who are committed and eager for your services?

We have been there and we can help!

Christie and Diana, the dietitians teaching the Nutrition Pioneers Mastermind, each run successful multi-practitioner, multi-location private practices.  We started our practices on our own with little guidance and had successes and lots of mistakes along the way. We want to share our knowledge with you so you can bypass all those mistakes and go straight to the good stuff.

Our course is different because we know the exact things you need to do to take your existing private practice to the next level. You already got things off the ground so we won’t waste your time with the basics. We skip over that and get right to the game-changing specifics that you implement right now and see huge payoffs, both financially, professionally and in your quality of life.

You own your practice, you should be enjoying the freedom that comes with that, not worrying about seasonal fluctuations in business or getting burnt out seeing the amount of clients you need to make the salary you need. You should not be bogged down in the day-to-day details of running your business and logistical frustrations. You shouldn’t be seeing clients that are not a good fit for you, while still retaining them within your practice.

The Nutrition Pioneers Mastermind will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to quickly get your practice where it needs to be. You will connect with and 

Diana Sugiuchi, RDN, LDN

Diana is the owner of Nourish Family Nutrition, a practice of 10 RDNs with 3 locations and virtual and is the co-founder of Nutrition Pioneers.

Christie Hunter, MS, RD

Christie is the owner of Christie, RD, a practice of 3 RDs and is the co-founder of Nutrition Pioneers.

What is a Mastermind Course?

This is a unique collaboration where you will learn how to:

  • Ensure your private practice is on solid financial ground
  • Hire an A+ team of dietitians and retain loyal, motivated and smart employees
  • Learn what to do to guarantee a steady stream of clients without physician referrals
  • Get the systems that will save you tens of thousands of dollars in support staff salary
  • Diversify your practice with multiple revenue streams
  • Troubleshoot issues of being a private practice owner
  • Exit planning (it is never to early to plan!)
  • Learn what YOU need to make you successful – this is a Beta course which give you the opportunity to let us know and teach you what you need to be successful!
  • Earn 10 CPEUs!
How it works:
Each week, for 6 weeks, you will meet via videoconference with your instructors and a small group of other dietitians who also have private practices and are looking to take it to the next level, just like you. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of moving your practice to the next level. Because we are a small group, the information will be tailored to your needs and classes based around your feedback. 
After the class time, we will work as a mastermind group where you can get feedback and ideas from your peers.

The Nutrition Pioneers, Diana and Christie, will teach you from our combined knowledge of 20+ years running successful, multiple-practitioner, multiple-location private practices. Here’s how this very limited Beta course works:

  • We set the syllabus based upon what we know, from our own mistakes and successes, you need to take you private practice to the next level
  • If there is information that you want included, or want more of (or less of) we can add that right in
  • All classes are taught live, there is no pre-recorded material.
  • This unique format will enable us to respond to your needs immediately
  • At the end of every class there will be time to have a mastermind group with Christie and Diana and your peers, who are other smart and motivated dietitians with their own private practices.
  • You will have 24/7 access to a private discussion group

Please note:

This course is ONLY for dietitians who already have a private practice. In order to enroll in the course you must already have a practice seeing clients one-on-one and understand the basics of running a business including having a TIN, NPI and other basic business fundamentals. If you are more established and already have employees and multiple revenue streams – great! You will learn how to further expand and ensure the longevity of your business.

If you are serious about taking your private practice to the next level,  please register now because space is limited.


* Syllabus is subject to change based upon our collaboration and what you need to be successful

Week 1 / Website

Week 2 / Insurance

Week 3 / EMR

Week 4 / Referrals & Marketing

Week 5 / Specializing and Hiring Employees

Week 6 / Diversifying Your Business

We guarantee your private practice will experience exponential growth when you learn from our mistakes and successes.

We started our private practices with very little guidance.

We were both very motivated and made use of the resources we found about starting and growing a private practice.

We bought books, online programs and joined discussion groups.

We brainstormed about our ideal client and visualized what success would look like.

We still didn’t know exactly how to get clients or how to set up systems to run an efficient business.

We certainly didn’t know how to bring in a steady income.


Does this sound familiar?


Over the years, we independently, then with the benefit of our mastermind duo, built our businesses from very-part time to very successful private practices with diverse revenue streams that employ multiple dietitians.

Our growth was due in no small part to knowing the payer landscape when it comes to nutrition counseling and wellness programs, having the right systems, technology and processes in place and knowing where to focus our marketing efforts.

It took us a long time to get where we are, but when you utilize our methods and systems, we guarantee that you will have a lucrative, fulfilling and successful private practice in a fraction of the time. 


This may not be the right program for you.

While we would love for all dietitians to experience unlimited success owning their own private practice, the reality is that not everyone is ready for the challenge.

We want to ensure that this group is composed of highly motivated RDNs who already have established private practices.

This is an intensive program and we assume that by signing up you already have the basics of private practice down:

  • You have seen 1-on-1 clients
  • You have a TIN and NPI
  • Are you truly ready to take a leap and push your boundaries?


You ready?


The course is delivered over 6 weeks via Zoom videoconference. Nothing is prerecorded and you will give feedback after each week so that we can ensure that we are teaching you exactly what you need. This is the advantage to a Beta course. Because of this unique format, we may never offer this Beta class again.

A Mastermind course is a collaborative way to deliver information. Instead of offering your pre-done, pre-recorded modules this gives you the opportunity to give us immediate feedback about what you need from the course to be successful. Because all the teaching is delivered live we are able to be flexabile in what we offer in order to meet the needs of the group. 

Each week will include the opportunity to Mastermind with the other experienced RDNs in the group. We also have a private discussion group and you will receive handouts and resources pertinent to what was discussed that week.

We understand that life happens and you may not be able to attend all weeks live. We will record each course and you will have these available indefinitely to watch at your leisure.

The cost for the 6-week course + mastermind group, private discussion group and weekly handouts and materials is $497, but we are offering a special early-bird price of $397 if you register by 8/31!

We are unable to offer refunds for this course. 

Yes.  You will receive 10 CEU credit hours for being part of the course.

January 8 - February 12 2021


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