Next Level Private Practice Beta Course+ Mastermind

6 week live private practice course



This is a unique collaboration where you will learn how to:

  • Ensure your private practice is on solid financial ground
  • Hire an A+ team of dietitians and retain loyal, motivated and smart employees
  • Learn what to do to guarantee a steady stream of clients without physician referrals
  • Get the systems that will save you tens of thousands of dollars in support staff salary
  • Diversify your practice with multiple revenue streams
  • Troubleshoot issues of being a private practice owner
  • Exit planning (it is never to early to plan!)
  • Learn what YOU need to make you successful – this is a Beta course which give you the opportunity to let us know and teach you what you need to be successful!
  • Earn 10 CPEUs!

The Nutrition Pioneers, Diana and Christie, will teach you from our combined knowledge of 20+ years running successful, multiple-practitioner, multiple-location private practices. Here’s how this very limited Beta course works:

  • We set the syllabus based upon what we know, from our own mistakes and successes, you need to take you private practice to the next level
  • If there is information that you want included, or want more of (or less of) we can add that right in
  • All classes are taught live, there is no pre-recorded material.
  • This enable us to respond to your needs immediately
  • At the end of every class there will be time to have a mastermind group with Christie and Diana and your peers, who are other smart and motivated dietitians with their own private practices.
  • You will have 24/7 access to a private discussion group

Please note:

This course is ONLY for dietitians who already have a private practice. In order to enroll in the course you must already have a practice seeing clients one-on-one and understand the basics of running a business including having a TIN, NPI and other basic business fundamentals. If you are more established and already have employees and multiple revenue streams – great! You will learn how to further expand and ensure the longevity of your business.